2017 Growing Pains

First things first! I feel blessed! The support we have received is unreal! MFJ's customers deserve an insane amount of credit for this whole campaign! Thank you! I appreciate y'all putting up with us these last few weeks with inventory being so light. I will continue asking more from you guys, but I do have a plan to give back, and I will NEED help from yall! We're gonna try to feed some people. More to come later.


Nov 2016- My goal was to learn the wholesale game, and catch our farmers market numbers from the past 3 years in Q1 of 2017.

March 2017- MFJ wholesale catches expected sales for 2017 farmers markets. I put the breaks on acquiring new accounts. "It was time to cruise though market season, and prepare for more growth in the fall." Very soon after that we were offered a stand at the York New Eastern Market. We could not pass up that opportunity. We started the next week, and within 2 hours I was on the phone game planning for how we were going to make more jerky.

April 2017- This month I realized I didn't account for growth with our wholesale accounts. We pushed with sampling to grow the accounts, and they grew! HA! Who would have thought that was gonna work?? Anyway, I made a mistake, and I have had to close 5 markets within the last 14 days alone. In the mean time, we added 4 new wholesale accounts.

May Game plan- Distribution is moving from 2 to 4 routes. We now have 29 wholesale accounts! Too much for 2 days. The goal with this is to take another step towards delegation of this job. Wait until you hear about my wholesale goals for Q1 2018.

We have purchased more equipment for our smokehouse! Kinda insane it happened this fast. I thought we had room to grow for years. That being said last years batches biggest batches around the holidays got up to 400 pounds. This weeks batch will push 800, and we need more!

Finally- Gettysburg and Fells Point Markets both open this week. We need to grow fast. I know I have been telling y'all at market we would be good to go this week, but I will be limiting inventory at every market. I will also not be sampling. I am disappointed in myself, and I feel bad for letting y'all down. We will do better. Steps have been taken.
Thanks for all the support, and understanding,

Dakotah Moses

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