Finally time to wholesale

I've spent the last 35 months saying the same thing over and over again. Actually, if you're reading this chances are you've heard it.  

"Can I get you a jerky sample."

It was definitely a step outside of my comfort zone putting MFJ on the shelf. Knowing no one else is there to really drum up sales. I always believed in mfj. It's just a weird feeling not being able to speak directly to every customer. 

What's next?

I've learned so much over the past few weeks. If you would've asked me a month ago I would've told you I had my eye on Philadelphia. Now I believe we will be focusing on targeting towns from I-83 to MD 30 to I-795. The game plan will be to approach selling our products the same way we always have. Fresh is best. Keeping our jerky close to these main roads for the time being will allow us to grow a strong distribution system while staying efficient with moving from location to location.  
Until next time,

Dakotah Moses 

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