Steakhouse Beef Jerky - Moses Family Jerky, Beef Jerky

Moses Family Jerky, Steakhouse Beef Jerky, 3.25 Ounce, Disruptively Tender Sliced Meat …

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Ditch your steak knife. Cancel your reservations. All the flavor of your favorite steak sauce anytime you want it.


About the product
  • USDA approved meat marinated for multiple days then smoked slow producing a one of a kind product from the Snack Food Capital of the World
  • Fresh Beef Jerky- High Quality, Lean, Mind Blowing 30g of Protein per Pack
  • No Nitrites or MSG (except that which naturally occurs in soy sauce and celery) -Minimally Processed
  • Rated 5-star by (Spicy and Teriyaki) and more to come
  • Take homemade anywhere with our resalable package