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Moses Family Jerky was started in 2013 with the goals of bringing a disruptively fresh and tender beef jerky to the consumer. At the time that meant farmers markets in the York County, PA area. We have now expanded to include farmers markets from York, PA to Crofton, MD. As well as grocery stores and gas stations from Philadelphia, PA to Baltimore, MD. We're bringing you a fresh product that lets you take homemade anywhere!

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The regular feedback

The texture is great, it doesn't hurt your teeth like the mass produced stuff.


You can taste the freshness!


I didn't like jerky until trying yours.


USDA approved meat marinated for multiple days then smoked slow producing a one of a kind product from the Snack Food Capital of the World


DIY Jerky Marinade Kit

Just add sliced meat, let it soak, and dry in your oven or dehydrator

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The Daily Commuter Moses Family Coffee Blend is a must have copilot whether we're delivering MFJ to a store, on our way to one of our favorite farmer's markets, or writing the MFJerky.com Sunday Morning Newsletter

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Day2Day@MFJ Blog

A deep dive into how it all happened.

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Eiffel Tower, Paris

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Niagara Falls, Canada

Featured on the Rut & River Pursuits Podcast

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