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Moses Family Jerky was started in 2013 with the goals of bringing a disruptively fresh and bite sized sliced meat beef jerky to the consumer. At the time that meant farmers markets in the York County, PA area. We have now expanded to include farmers markets from York, PA to Crofton, MD. As well as grocery stores and gas stations from Philadelphia, PA to Baltimore, MD. We're bringing you a fresh product that you can take anywhere!

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Premium Coffee

Back in 2018, we realized something while standing around at the farmers market. No one wants to sample beef jerky before 10:00am! Well, guess who was super busy in the morning!? That's right, the coffee guy! At that time we were already self proclaimed coffee snobs because who doesn't have their favorites? So we did what any hungry entrepreneur would do; We started taking action. Things started small with working out a deal with one of the local coffee roasters to supply what became "The Daily Commuter" to the point where every vacation now involves taking a trip to the local markets to negotiate high quality products at fair prices. We're not competing with mass produced products, but honestly, like our meat snacks, if you shop around our prices are more than fair! Especially once you account for shipping costs. Make sure to use promocode "snack" to get free shipping!!!

The Daily Commuter - A medium roast Central and South American bean combo that makes a great blend of Creamy, Milk Chocolate flavor with Mandarin Orange and Toffee ending with a smooth, full-bodied finish.

Infield Grind - a light-medium roast blend of beans from Central America, with tasting notes of creamy milk chocolate, toasted cinnamon, and hazelnut, with a creamy finish.

5:00am Flight - is a full bodied, dark roast from Central and South America. Expect tasting notes of Dark Chocolate and Cinnamon with a delicious Smoky Finish.

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